No child should be invisible

2018 marks the birth, 350 years ago, of Thomas Coram, England’s first campaigner for children.

This was a man who could not, and would not, stand by while abandoned children and babies perished on London’s filthy streets. For 17 years he fought doggedly to give them the protection and care they needed, lobbying society’s most powerful and influential members, until, finally, he was granted a royal charter to establish the first dedicated safe haven for them.

Today, Coram is proud to continue his vital work and to address the inequality and deprivation that continues to blight young lives. We fight for children’s rights. We find them permanent loving homes, we promote their voices, and we will not rest until every child is respected and protected.

Every child should be respected and protected.

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Thomas Coram

Thomas Coram

Charity Founder

I believe everyone ought in duty to do any good they can. In 1739, I founded Coram with a vision that every child should have the best possible chance in life.

+ Christine

As a nanny Coram made my world complete when the most amazing little boy came to his forever family


+ Sue

My Paternal Grandmother was brought up by the Coram Society in the early 20th Century after her mother could no longer look after her. I contacted Coram a few years ago to get her background.


+ Vivien Rachel

Hi,I was a Coram baby 63 years ago and I don't know how to find out about my past history.My foster parents were Mr+Mrs Stannett,had 10 of their own kids + and fostered 3 of us from the Coram home

Vivien Rachel

+ Barbara

I have been a volunteer with the Beanstalk reading charity for 10 years and have supported many children during that time. Some of that support has involved raising issues with teachers.


+ Carine

I am a mother of 3 beautiful children and left my abusive ex-husband. I have great concern as to how the Family Courts deal with Domestic Violence and give perpetrators access to children


+ Kainat

I have spent my childhood peacefully and it was beautiful and safe but at the age of 14 my father died, then first time in my life i came face to face with world and then i got to know world is cruel


Toby Anstis

Toby Anstis

As someone who was adopted, i'm so aware of how important it is that every child has love and emotional support to grow and flourish and fulfil their dreams and ambitions. I'm proud to support Coram!

+ Robert

My name is Robert Reeves Founder and trustee of Dads Against Parental Abuse UK. I believe every child has the right to be safe, loved, healthy, supported, encouraged to develop and grow.


+ Simon

We all have to work towards the day when all these problems and issues are fully resolved.


+ Anne

I'm an English teacher who battles for invisible children every day.


+ celeste

I attended Boarding School after my family home burned down and stayed from age 8 - 16. I knew by the time I left school I wanted to adopt or become a foster carer.


+ alison

My niece is vulnerable having autism and adhd and a contact order forcing her to have contact with a family member who she is afraid of and doesn't want to see; no one in court case listened to her.


Rosalind  Powell

Rosalind Powell

Journalist and author of How I Met My Son

Like many adoptive families ours is born out of loss, brought together by chance, built from love. Parenting my adopted son is one of my biggest rewards in life. Watching him grow is a source of huge pride. Adopting a child is scary, risky and challenging. It is also joyful, life-changing and enriching. It has given our son the life he deserves. It can give other children the lives they deserve, too.

+ Ruby

Through both my professional work as a Family Barrister and Charity Trustee, I am a passionate advocate for the rights of children, particularly as I spent the latter part of my childhood in care.


+ Louise

Because children need to be and to know that they are loved, supported and provided for.


+ Ruth

Children should be cherished and treated as precious clay, to be moulded, unblemished and unhurt, into something beautiful and robust. Children deserve security and sanctuary, being the world's future


Lola  Jaye

Lola Jaye

Not every child is born into an ideal situation. Not every child is raised in a safe, secure and loving environment. Coram highlights that EVERY child matters, regardless of everything... and anything

+ Penny

Children should be afforded their rights, regardless of circumstance or background. As adults we need to ensure these are upheld, and support CYP to have them enforced.


+ Alexandra

I work as a children's guardian. I am passionate about the importance of their voices being heard.


+ natalia

Not only do children become the next generation, if they aren't heard, respected and given the best opportunities to thrive there will be costs down the line. Why not encourage them now?


+ Emily

I’m a community paediatrician and see that so much good work has gone on to help the vulnerable children of the country but lots more needs to happen too.


+ Juan José

I strongly believe children are our future and need to have a loving and caring family, with not worries for food nor safety so they can grow to their full potential and enjoy life.

Juan José

Annie Lennox, OBE

Annie Lennox, OBE

Singer, Songwriter

It's harrowing to think that many children are born into the unimaginably difficult circumstances of poverty, abuse or abandonment in the UK, where there is an urgent and desperate need for intervention and support. Whether it be through developing skills and emotional health, finding adoptive parents or upholding children's rights, Coram reaches the lives of over a million children and young people every year by ‘creating a change that lasts a lifetime.’ An outstanding achievement that everyone should be aware of and fully endorse! Bravo Coram!!! Love Annie Lennox

+ Helen

Inspired by your moving event last night with Cressida Dick. Also as a school governor understanding safeguarding and thinking how shocking it used to be for unmarried pregnant girls and babies.


+ nikki

I stand up for children and adults of all ages for support and care and love, who have been in care, adopted or fostered, this means a great deal to me Coram Fields - I have been there - NR


+ chris

I am a social worker. We need to do everything we can to mitigate the structural inequalities in this country


+ Sulaika-Ilwad

I grew up with family, education, enough food and safety. It absolutely breaks me that there are kids out there who don't have the same, "it is what it is" is wrong, we can change it together.


+ Stephen

People say there’s no such thing as perfection but that’s how I’ve always seen a newborn child. Children make mistakes as they grow up but they need care, support, stimulation, love & lots of fun.


+ Jennifer

Children should be loved, cared for and shown how to use their voice so adults listen and make changes for better. Our childhood experiences greatly impact our life chances. Every child matters.


Lisa Cherry

Lisa Cherry

Author and Speaker

Sharing voices, ensuring agency and offering connection at vital points in people's lives is the work of Coram and that is why I sign the pledge. Every child absolutely matters.

+ Karen

I have an 8 year old with Down Syndrome. My daughter was attending a special needs academy primary school. I removed her due to alleged negligence. Technically excluded from school curriculum.


+ Pam

I am an IVV


+ Ally

I am a defender of the human rights of children. An Unfeartie !


+ Jennifer

Children have a right to protection, and to grow up in a family atmosphere of happiness, love & understanding. We stand taller as a society when we prevent violence against children; I pledge to help!


+ Ida Louisa

I feel it is necessary that every child is protected and respected.

Ida Louisa

+ Karen

Adoption is scary and amazing, it's hard but rewarding, it's looking at your children being children and knowing you've made a difference. Every child matters, every child should be given the chance.


+ Maxine

Myself and my husband are parents to two wonderful girls, who came to us through adoption. They make us so happy. All children deserve a loving home.


+ Barbara

I have seen the very worst of child abuse having been a local authority childcare solicitor. It HAS to stop.


+ Dwynwen

Children's nurse and School Nurse learning from history, experience and research that nurturing children through love, value, respect is fundamental basis for growing happy and healthy society


+ Jessica

I am a school nurse, LAC Nurse and writer, working in Central London. I recognise that Thomas Coram was an enlightened pioneer, whose legacy and work is still vital today.


+ Heidi

Every child should have the right to go through life with every opportunity afforded to them, be it family, school or social care.


+ Karolina

In my family, I had to be a grown up and care both for myself and my sister, cause my mum preferred alcohol over being a responsible parent. You're doing a stellar work for children i used to be.


+ Suzanne

The days of children being seen and not heard should be long gone. Every child should be listened to and protected. Every child should be loved and cherished.